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Best Professor of English in BA /Mejor profesor de inglés in BA
Do you want to achieve great things in life?
Are you serious about becoming successful?
Do you believe that perfecting your English will help you get there?

Look no further.
I present to you, Angelo Victor Mercure.
Angelo and I have the same goal: helping people achieve their dreams. We do this by presenting professional approaches, being disciplined in what we do, and encouraging others to work to the best of their abilities.

I am proud to say that Angelo is simply the best of the best. He has over 30 years of English teaching experience, worldwide. From Japan to the United States and all the way to the great city of Buenos Aires, he has taught students from many different backgrounds, nationalities, and professions.

Angelo has helped many people achieve their dreams.
Students have graduated from universities such as Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge or obtained career multinational employment at such prestigious companies as Facebook, Apple, British Airways, and many others.
Angelo specializes in teaching pre-intermediate, mid-intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced students, but if you are a complete beginner and feel courageous enough to learn the language the same way you would if you travelled into English speaking country (as Angelo and I speak little Spanish), then you are more than welcome to try and have a lesson with him.
Angelo's professional teaching rates are:

230 pesos for 1 hour
950 pesos for 5 hours
1600 pesos for 10 hours
2900 pesos for 20 hours
3700 pesos for 30 hours

Prices are NON-negotiable.
Your first meeting with Angelo will consist of a free evaluation/consultation (at least one hour) where he will precisely assess your levels of spoken and written English so that you both will know exactly where to begin. He offers classes at your location or via Skype.

Are you interested to know what other people say about Angelo's teaching methods?
''IELTS was very difficult for me until Angelo became my teacher. He helped me with every reading, listening, speaking, and writing task. Thanks to him, I scored an 8, overall, and now work for Air Canada.''
- Enrico Borelli, Montreal/Buenos Aires

''I had to get a high TOEFL score to enter the University of Massachusetts. Angelo got me that high TOEFL score. Currently, I am enrolled in the Mathematics Department at U of M.''
- Kosoom Kratong, Boston/Bangkok

''TOEIC had me scared to death! I needed to score well so that I would be hired by Bank of America. Angelo helped me enormously. I am happy with my career in beautiful Southern California.''
- Veronica Ramirez, Los Angeles/Buenos Aires

If you believe that we can help you achieve your dreams, then don't hesitate to contact us through this advert (either e-mail or phone number – if by number then preferrably WhatsApp).
Thank you.
Oliver & Angelo

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