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In the Orient it is considered that body and spirit constitute a whole. Oriental massage techniques promote wellness and act both to rid the body of tension, to calm the mind, creating health and peace through a deep state of relaxation, opening the perception and intuition, which guide us to choose what helps us grow as human beings.

These massages, the energy balance, we charge the batteries with renewed strength. This allows us to enjoy our activities differently and also rest in peace. Improve our quality of life and appearance, becoming more beautiful as we feel better. Tone and relaxed muscles, tendons and ligaments, and bone structure aligned stimulate the proper functioning of all organs and body systems. Renew the blood and produce intense lymphatic drainage while releasing toxins and purify the skin all over the body.

The most important thing is that we pause to take time to relax, be with ourselves and connect with our spirit.

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese body therapy that works on an organic, activating the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture points through different pressures and maneuvers with palms, thumbs, knees, forearms and elbows to regulate the body's energy .

Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn) is like a dance.

It consists of alternating pressure with thumbs and palms along Zen lines and deep stretching. The maneuvers are similar to yoga postures. It is very pleasant, uplifting and gradually gives the physical body flexibility.

Thai Foot Massage works from the feet to the knees, with manual techniques with a wooden stick specially designed to work on foot.

It is a very relaxing treatment that has a strong detoxifying effect throughout the body and helps prevent illness. For those who tend to "think too much" and are "very much in the head" contracturando your shoulders, neck and back. It works by bringing more awareness to the feet, the roots, clearing the mind and releasing tense body parts. It also relieves heavy legs and feet, circulatory problems and joint pain. Salts, creams and oils I use for this session are top quality Swiss products.

Californian Massage Esalen is a session on a stretcher, with cream and 100% pure essential oils, premium quality, directly to the skin. Massage is a very "cuddly".

It relieves pain, increases mobility in joints and muscles, allowing the person feels an integrated being and harmonious. It consists of a combination of various forms of contact including long, fluid movements, localized pressures, harmonious integration, stretching and contorting into a steady rhythm and surround, providing an experience of deep relaxation, harmonizing mind, body and spirit to return to their healthy balance and healing.

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